Francisco Banha

name Francisco Banha is an unquestionable reference in the Portuguese entrepreneurial environment. Besides being an entrepreneur through his first project – Gesbanha (management and accounting) – Francisco Banha continued investing in innovative projects, with the support of his team of professionals and as a Business Angel.

Its evidence in the Portuguese businesses environment emerges, however, strongly associated to its leader image of entrepreneurship and, in particular, of venture capital. Since the middle 1990s that Francisco Banha speaks at conferences, workshops, entrepreneurship contests, among other initiatives, to increasingly encourage young people to create and make their business plan turn real. Through his fund raising company Gesventure, he has already supported 16 venture business raising 17 million euros.

Francisco Banha is the Founding President of FNABA – Portuguese National Federation of Business Angel Networks, Board Member of EBAN – European Business Angels Network and an active Business Angel with investments in ICT, Design and Food sectors.

With a Master Degree in Management and two published books, Francisco Banha continues to influence young entrepreneurs and foster improvements in the Portuguese entrepreneurial sector.

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